Hillbilly Arms Gunsmith Services is located south of Calgary in Nanton Alberta.
Here at Hillbilly Arms we take accuracy very seriously. Your hunting rifle is a serious investment. The accuracy of your rifle should be completely dependable. An important part of your rifle's accuracy will depend on how well it is set up. Your rifle should be completely comfortable to bring into action and should shoot in the field the same way it shot at the range.
Here at Hillbilly Arms, that is what we specialize in. 
As you read through our website, we will give examples of what we do, and why we do it.  We care about how well you do, either in competition, in the field, or for your leisure shooting activities.
As you read through our website, we will show you how a well an "off the shelf" rifle can shoot. We like custom rifles, too! But not all of us can afford one. 
We do repairs too! We do restorations. 
Read on, drop us a line, information on how to reach us is on the "Contacts" page, we like hunting and shooting stories, and we have tons of free advice and opinions.
Here at Hillbilly Arms we operate as a custom shop. We don't carry a large retail inventory. We work with you to supply you with the optimum products that fit your application and budget. 
We can supply you with scopes, scope mounting systems, stocks-custom & factory, cases, swivels, slings, custom barrels, refinishing, bluing, sighting in services, ammunition evaluation & much more. We offer most makes of non-restricted firearms, specializing in hunting rifles.  

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Remington 700 in 300 Ultra Mag. Timney Trigger, Richards Microfit Riflestock in Claro WalnutKing Optics Nova Scotia Series 3.5-12 X 50 mm scope, Leupold rings and bases, glass bedded, free floated barrel. 
Remington Senduro 300 Win Mag.  6-3 shot groups plus one flyer 10-15 mph wind. Farrell Base, Leupold PRW Rings, King Optics Nova Scotia Scope. 
Custom and semi-custom work. 
Restoration work. 
Custom work for the more adventuresome. 243 win. Ted Gaillard 26" fluted barrel on Rem 700 action. Laminate stock. Glass bedded, free floated barrel. Leupold bases and rings. Leupold scope. Slow twist rate for ultimate light varmint bullet accuracy. Join the Red Mist Club with this one.
75 B&C. A happy customer. This critter is actually larger than it appears. My buddy here is big enough to kick start a Kenworth. 
384 yards. 1 shot.  
If you have only a few days a year to get out hunting, we can help you trust your equipment for that shot. With our draw programs, you may not get a chance for a few years to try again.
Want that little extra reach? Set up for long range shooting. 28 1/2" Ted Gaillard Barrel, Farrell 20 MOA scope base. 
From the Browning on left
From the Model 70 on left
Sometimes just personalizing your old favorite makes life more enjoyable. 
We specialize in: 
We are your hunting firearm specialists. 

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Custom Hardwood Stocks
While we offer many styles of stocks, this one is our own design. Made in Canada. This is the Hillbilly Arms Long Range Special.This one is out of Zebra Wood in "Distressed Forest Green" 
This stock is an excellent hybrid between heavy flat bottomed Tactical/target stocks and slim hunting stocks. 
The long flat forearm allows a large stable surface for resting on anything from sandbags at the range to fallen trees in the field. Extra long because a lot of the time, you cannot get settled "just right" for that once in a lifetime shot. 
Yet, the forearm is rounded and slim enough to balance it and control it with heavy winter gloves on. 
The longer forearm will provide a bit of "muzzle heavy" feel. But this helps keep the muzzle jump under control so you can see the affects of your shot. 
The sweeping saddle cheek piece keeps your cheek weld in the perfect position, and easily repeatable for consistent shooting. This helps you repeat the accuracy you were able to do at the range. 
The thumbhole or tactical grip is much more natural so you are not fighting the stock to make the shot. 
We can help you pick a wood to match your tastes in look and control the weight of the total firearm. This Zebra Wood stock is quite hard, dense and heavy. 17 ounces more than Black Walnut. This provides the shooter with 12% calculated less recoil. 
To calm down more recoil and add some beautiful lines, we can make it out of something like Bocote. If weight is an issue, like on a high country sheep/mountain, we can easily lighten it up with something like Cherry wood. 
Lots of options. Lots of choices. And they are custom fit, pillar and glass bedded and Range Tested.