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Browning A Bolt, 30/06. Glass bedded, free floated barrel, Timney Trigger upgrade, Leupold bases and rings, Richards Microfit thumbhole stock. 
Ruger M77 243. 20 year old rifle. Reconditioned stock. This ol' girl has seen it's share of rifle scabbards, been dropped, drug, used as a walking stick. Reconditioning included a Timney Trigger, Leupold rings, glass bedded, free floated barrel, polished inside and out. A new 50mm objective King Scope is on the way to complete the package, that's why the high rings.
Winchester Model 70 reconditioning. New Royal Camoflage Monte Carlo Stock glass bedded, free floated barrel. Matte blue. Looks better than new.
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Savage 99 in 303 Savage. Total restoration project. Buttstock was broken and taped. Forend was split all the way through on one side. A priceless family heirloom. We get asked all the time if rebluing is worth it. Well, we think so.
Winchester Model 70 30-06. Ted Gaillard 26" Benchrest Hunter Contour bbl, Richards laminate stock, Speedlock silicon firing pin spring, Timney Trigger, Farrel 20 MOA 1 pc tactical base, Leupold PRW rings, Leupold 4-14 X 40mm VX-II scope.
Parker Hale 30-06. Been in the family now three generations. Upgraded scope mounting system to 1 pc Leupold std base, Leupold std rings & Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. Stock refinished, rifle cleaned and polished. Good for another three generations. Before and after photos.   
The Ultimate Varminter:
Remington 700 action. 
Caliber: 243 Win.  
26" Ted Gaillard #4 Medium weight fluted varmint barrel with a  light bullet twist rate. Richards Tac-Driver laminate stock. 
Leupold QRW bases, Leupold PRW rings, Leupold 6-18 X 40mm VX-II w/ AO scope.
Remington 700 in 300 RUM. 28" Ted Gaillard Barrel. 
Factory ammo muzzle velocity: 3318 fps with 180 gr bullet, 2385 ft lbs energy left at 500 yd's. Zero @ 343 yd's bullet drop only 16.81" @ 500 yd's. Bullet strikes 3.5" high @ 100 yd's. 
Timney Trigger, H-S Precision detachable mag, Leupold scope, Leupold rings, Leupold bases, Richards Dual Grip Claro Walnut stock, glass bedded and free floated. MOA with factory ammo, sub MOA with handloads. All that energy from a manageable 9 pound rifle.
Long Range Hunter: 7 mm Remington Magnum
Remington 700 long action.
28 1/2" Stainless Steel Ted Gaillard Bench Rest Hunter Contour barrel.
Holland Competition recoil lug. Tapered for glass bedding, about 2X thickness as original recoil lug.
Ken Farrell 1 pc. 20 MOA scope base. Designed for 700+ yard shooting.
Leupold PRW rings, bored and aligned. 
Leupold scope.
Richards Autumn Leaves Laminate Wildcat Thumbhole stock.
5 shots @ 100 yds. 
Win Model 70 30-06
3 shots @ 100 yds. 
Cooper Model 21 223 
3 Shots @ 100 yds. 
10-20 mph wind. 
Breaking in new barrel.
3 shots @ 100 yds.
Breaking in new barrel.
10-20 mph wind from right to left.
300 Win Mag, 100 yds. Factory rifle with Premium scope mounts and a premium scope. 
Remington 700 308 win. 
Factory barrel and action. 
3.5 lb trigger. 
Leupold std bases and std extention rings. 6-24X42mm Scope.
Richards laminate stock. Wildcat style. Tigerwood color.
Pillar bedded action, free floated barrel.
Wind was blowing hard enough for a 1.5" bullet drift @ 100 yds. and still printed under 1 moa three shot group
Black Reich 
8mm Mauser
Mauser 98 reconditioned. An actual German Mauser brought home from Germany after the war by family.
Manufactured at Mauser Werkes K.G. Obernorf on the Nekar in 1944. 
Sporterized but kept somewhat original. Same safety, bolt, kept barrel mounted sights.
Leupold 4.5-14 40mm VX-III B&C scope.
Farrell base. Leupold PRW rings. Ramline stock. Re-blued matte finish.
 Third Generation Hunter
A complete reconditioning, re-blue, stock reconditioning, new Leupold std rings and bases, Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad.
This 25-06 custom rifle is going to be passed along to the third generation hunter. Based on a Mauser action.
Old Faithful got a new stock
Richards Straightline thumbhole stock. Laminate, black/grey. 
Pillar & glass bedded and free floated barrel. BSA 7mm Rem Mag, shot a less than quarter sized group when sighting in.
Happy Birthday 
Richards Wildcat laminate stock-Autumn Leaves
Pillar and glass bedded. 
Parker Hale 30-06.
EGW Tactical Picatinny base & TPS tactical rings securly holding a 50mm Leupold scope.
A Practical Beauty
Customer supplied Walnut stock for a Ruger #1 in 270 win.
Glass bedded stock, sub moa.
This will be great on the Speed Goat hunt this fall.
Family Jewel 
Winchester 94. 38-55. Third generation. Complete restoration. Was non functional. A family heirloom back to its former glory. 
Restored Westerner
Winchester Model 94 30-30 wcf.
Before & after bluing and stock restoration.

 Custom 338-06
An original Mauser M98. Started life as a 8mm Mauser.
Caliber 338-06
Krieger barrel
Timney Trigger
Dakota 3 position safety
Richards Microfit Bastogne Walnut #102 Classic  Stock
Pachmayr recoil pad
Warne steel bases.
Pillar Bedded, free floated

Restored German Engineering
Kleingunther 300 win mag
Reblue to standard blue finish
Stock cleaned up and Pachmayr F990 Triple Magnum recoil pad
Weaver bases
Tactical Precision Systems "W" steel rings
Leupold VX-III Scope
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Lucky Son
Early model Weatherby Vanguard 7mm Rem Mag. 
A Good Year
Winchester M670. 30-06 Spr. Refurbish project. 

M for Monster 98
Parker Hale Mauser M98 Action 30-06 AI

100 yard initial sight in group.
Hornady SST Interbond 180 gr.
317 yards. 15-20 mph wind.
Hornady SST Interbond 180 gr 
FBI Special 338 Lapua

Federal Premium 250 gr SMK
105 yds
-7 C Windchill
Wind gusting to 10.1 mph

Angel Of Death
Restored Parker Hale 7mm Remington Magnum
Laser engraved stock
Pachmayr Decelerator D750 B recoil pad
All ready for a second generation of sportsman
Leupold STD high extention rings 
Bushnell 6-18 X 40mm scope
Favorite load determined to be Federal Premium 165 gr SGK. Chronographed, sighted in @ 275 yds.
Forget Me Not Savage
This old Savage in 250 Savage fed a generation from the peaks of Forget Me Not to the valleys of Three Point Creek. She bore every trail and every mile from worn finish to broken stock. Completely restored and ready for the next generation to enjoy our sport and lifestyle.
Many more projects on our Facebook page. Check us out. Search albums for some really cool projects. 
Many more projects on our Facebook page. Check us out. Search albums for some really cool projects. 
The Green Hornet

Remington M700 7mm RM Factory barrel and action. Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14 X 50mm (30mm) CDS Side Focus Windplex reticle. Evolution Gun Works Picatinny rail. Tactical Precision Systems Tactical 30mm rings. Custom Hillbilly Arms Long Range Thumbhole Stock made from Zebra Wood. Pillar/glass bedded. Free floated. Custom distressed stain, multi-coated hand polished oil finsh. Two forearm swivel studs.