Here at Hillbilly Arms we support hunting, sport shooting, fishing, camping and all out door sporting activities and conservation of our outdoors. If you would like to link your site to ours, drop us a line  and we'll hook you up.
Going on a hunting trip? Need a place to keep your dog? Click on Kotar Kennels.   Located just north of High River, Alberta. Good folks there.
A major web site devoted to our hunting, fishing and outdoor lifestyle. www.biggamehunt.com
One of the older more well known outfitters in Southern Alberta. Covers the Highwood area like no other. Click on  Anchor D Outfitters
Gunsmith links at www.canadiangunsmith.com
Another major web site devoted to our hunting, fishing and outdoor lifestyle www.shooting-hunting.com
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Link for hunting, fishing, and camping www.merrittsportsman.bc.ca
One of our gun parts suppliers Brownells

Hunting Places, Hunting Lodge and Hunting Animals Information. dealers and more: Hunting Directory 
Master finisher David Jennings. Check his site out for his extensive services. Jennings Outdoor Sports.
Need your latest trophy mounted? Our friends at Great West Taxidermy can do the job for you. Cris has been hunting big game since Calgary was still a fort. He knows what you're looking for in that perfect display.
How about gear? Check out the cool tactical gear, right here in Canada at Drop Zone Tactical, just in Edmonton.

Sighting in? Try Red Star Targets. We use them, we like them.  Check them out www.redstartarget.com

If you're in Edmonton and are looking for firearms, ammo and good small town service check out P & D Enterprises 
Visit our friends at the Alberta Arms & Collectors Association.

Custom Garments 
Want to promote your business? Need team garments? Want just some personalized T-Shirts, jackets, hoodies? Try where we get our hats, coats and shirts from: www.foothillscustompromotionals.ca
Guided Game Bird Hunting 
Like game bird hunting? Want to train your dogs for pheasant hunting? For guided released pheasant hunting, check out our friends at www.mosquitocreekkennelsandgamebirds.com

Alberta Arms & Cartridge Collectors Association
Interested in collectables? Who has what? Gunshows? Check out our friends at the Alberta Arms & Cartridge Collectors Association

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Top Of the World Sporting Association 
The Top of the World Sporting Association (TOWSA) operates and maintains a shooting range in Inuvik, Northwest Territories. Check out their website: www.towsa.org/
Banff Adventures Unlimited
For over a decade, Banff Adventures Unlimited has helped visitors experience the best of Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies. Offering the full array of winter and summer activities available, we specialize in providing convenient service, allowing our guests to spend more time playing in the mountains and less time planning for them. Whether you seek a calm retreat or a heart-pounding adventure, we are sure to have a trip to satisfy. Check out their website: www.banffadventures.com/
White Water Rafting the Kicking Horse
Hydra River Guides offers rafting tours on the Kicking Horse River. The Kicking Horse River boasts big waves, continuous rapids and unparalleled white water. Carving a passage through the spectacular Kicking Horse Canyon, the river is set amongst some of the best scenery in the Canadian Rockies. www.raftbanff.com/
Kimber Rifles for premium lightweight hunting rifles:
Ruger Rifles for rugged Mauser type action affordable rifles: