Dan McLelland is an avid hand loader, target shooter, varmint and big game hunter and has been fine tuning rifles and ammunition for close to 40 years. The difference between a 2 inch group and a 3 inch group on your favorite hunting rifle is quite often the difference between a perfect hunting trip and a disappointment. 
Dan understands what it takes to make that rifle a dependable part of your trip. Sometimes the bedding is an issue, sometimes the bore has deep seated copper residue. A poorly aligned scope is a usual culprit. Here at Hillbilly Arms, we can make your favorite rifle dependable again. We've climbed the mountain. We've taken the tough shots. We've enjoyed the sausage. We can help you too.  

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Remington Model 788 in 6mm. Minor restoration. We should take more "before" pictures but this is a bunch of great "after" pictures. The stock was worn down to the white over a good part of the stock with some really big dings. A little love and attention with and a brand new King Optics 4X42 Back Country scope and it looks good as new, even better. And it works just fine too. 
If these frames are gray, wait a minute for some cool pictures.
Remington Model 812. You don't have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks.  There is a practical side to having a good finish. Protection from the elements.  A gloss finish is beautiful. But for our elk hunters, we can lean more towards a satin finish. 
Husky 270 refurbished. High Polish bluing. We can't take credit for the custom Myrtle wood stock though. The customer supplied the very beautiful stock. 
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Scope Alignment
The most overlooked accuracy issue we run into is improper scope alignment. 
Above is how the previous ring alignment measured up.
Below is how we aligned the rings.